A leading Polish supplier of flexible packaging printed in the flexography printing process. It has 17 years of experience in printing and lamination of packaging film for such products as deep-frozen foods, ice cream, confectionery, and snacks, and in printing beverage labels. Of key importance in its production is packaging for the food industry, including barrier laminates for packaging of fresh food.

Flexographic print shop and flexible packaging

Flexography makes it possible to apply fast-drying inks onto flexible packaging for solid, bulk and liquid food products. Thanks to our long experience as packaging print shop and to the fact that FLEXERGIS has innovative machinery, our flexographic print is characterised by the highest quality and aesthetics, rich and intensive colours, durability, and resistance to abrasion and other types of damage. Consequently, all flexible packaging printed by our company is appreciated by our domestic and European customers who want their brands to stand out from their competitor’s products thanks to their modern and aesthetic design.



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