At present, the Company has four flexographic printers made by the renowned German manufacturer Windmoeller & Hoelscher. The Company’s machinery stock ensures the highest quality of print as well as high productivity and consequently – fast completion of orders. Our newest purchase is the W&H Primaflex CM machine - 8 colours and the width of 1,050 mm; the machine was launched in April 2006. In addition, the Company operates two flexographic 8-colour printers - W&H Soloflex 8L with printing width of 820 mm, and the 6-colour W&H Soloflex 6 L machine with printing width of 600 mm.
We pay the utmost attention to the quality of printing materials during the production process – our suppliers are recognised manufacturers of films, paints and glues. Since 2004, we operate an automatic Stork paint mixer with 16 component positions.

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Graphic studio, DTP

Our graphics department consists of a team of high-class flexoprint experts. The main task of graphic designers is to adjust the customers’ designs to the flexo technique so as to obtain a packaging with the highest quality of prints, comparable to rotogravure.

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We have our own production line for Kodak photopolymer matrices. This allows for considerable shortening of the execution time of orders and ensures the safety of delivered packaging designs.

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The lamination (coating) department is equipped in two Laminastar II machines made by DCM, with operating width of 850 and 1,050 mm. We apply non-solvent two-component glues by Henkel, compliant with the EU requirements for migration of aromatic amines in products.

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The cut takes place on six slitters/rewinders (including four made by Jurmet), equipped with electronic string steering systems. We use two types of cuts: the razor-blade and the scissor cut.

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Our laboratory tests each batch of both the received materials and the finished product in terms of laminate durability (a Zwick device), welding durability (a Brugen welding machine) as well as the degree of foil slide. 

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BOBST Machine

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